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Office: (215) 679-6168     •    Fax: (215) 679-6023    •   10 Fourth Street, Pennsburg, PA  18073 
Radius Toothbrush Doc®

Simple, elegant, yet feature-rich, this patent pending toothbrush holder, Doc®, epitomizes the concept of design thinking.  Beyond its graceful lines, it pushes the limits of the injection molding process to provide an internal geometry which accommodates thick irregular ergonomic objects such as many of today’s toothbrushes yet equally grasps much thinner objects. 

We designed the doc with Radius Toothbrush in mind because nothing else could compliment their signature products.  The suction cup firmly attaches to any smooth surface.  Its internal webs suspend the toothbrush allowing water to drain down, out and away from the brush.  A subtle rim around the suction cup dams the water to keep the surrounding surface from getting wet and also provides a convenient lip by which the suction cup can be peeled and removed.  The Doc’s usefulness goes far beyond toothbrush storage to hold anything you care to support whether on horizontal or vertical surfaces. 

The Doc’s simplicity and adaptability is what makes it different from the myriad of toothbrush holders both past and present.  A single flexible injection molded piece expands to conform to any object, it performs with grace.
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