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 Product Design    


McClanahan Design, at its heart, is a product engineering and industrial design firm and, as such, provides a wide range of services to achieve the end goal of a manufacturable product.  But these are more than just services. These are the "tools" we use to achieve your goal.  We bring talent, knowledge, and skills to use them uniquely and effectively.

Each project is different.  These services are a menu of available offerings that can be used by clients “à la carte” or as the components to a complete development project: 

Mechanical Engineering 
Problem Solving
                    • Ensuring what looks good also works
                    • Listening, asking question & defining the problem
                    • Inside as well as outside-of-the-box concepts
                    • Practical and innovative problem-solving
                    • Mechanism design 
                    • Object & housing design
                    • Electronics packaging
                    • Simple parts and complex assemblies 
                    • Alternative design solution generation & evaluation

Design for Manufacturing
                    • Evaluation of manufacturing methods, including: injection molding, sheet metal,
                      tubing & wire forms, machined parts, sand & die casting, aluminum & vinyl extrusions,
                      blow molding, vacuum forming, wood processes, & upholstery
                    • Material selection & comparison
                    • Design-for-assembly
                    • First sample evaluation

                    • Final Prototyping (outsourced rapid prototyping & in-house machining, sheetmetal,
                       vacuum forming, tube bending, and wood construction capabilities)
                    • Product specifications
                    • 2D component and assembly drawings
                    • Bill-of-Materials (BOM)

                    • Proof-of-concept (breadboard) prototyping
                    • Force studies
                    • Structural Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
                    • Classical structural analysis
                    • Developmental testing
                    • Tolerance analysis
Industrial Design 

                    • Ensuring what works also looks good
                    • Visual thinking and brainstorming
                    • Form & aesthetics
                    • Ergonomic & human factors
                    • Competitive product evaluation
                    • Visual prototypes
                    • Usability and feature integration

Computer Aided Design (CAD) 
                    We have used SolidWorks for over 20 years
                    and can provide a broad range of services including:

                    • Parametric part and assembly modeling
                      with configuration management
                    • STL file generation for third-party rapid prototyping 
                    • 2D & 3D layouts with kinematic and dynamic evaluation
                    • 2D production drawings
                    • Bill of Material (BOM) creation
                    • Simulation and structural validation with Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
                    • Photo-realistic rendering
                    • Import/export file format conversion
                    • Section & material properties
                    • Sheetmetal & weldment modeling
                    • Interference & collision detection
                    • Animation
                    • In-context design
                    • Exploded views
                    • Motion studies
                    • Design validation
                    • Draft analysis
                    • Adherence to client’s drafting standards

Project Management

                    • Design brief organization
                    • Design documentation
                    • Drawing master & distribution tracking
                    • Coordination with multi-disciplinary teams


                    • Vendor sourcing support
                    • Patent application support
                    • Illustrations & renderings for sales & marketing

Office: (267) 377-6280     •    Fax: (215) 679-6023    •   871 Old Sumneytown Pike, Harleysville, PA  19438  
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