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Do you have a product idea? Whether it is an existing product that needs new life, a new patent or simply a napkin sketch, we can work with you to explore options that can make your product idea better, exciting, manufacturable and, most of all, profitable.

We are a product design firm dedicated to solving problems. From that Ah Ha! moment to a production-ready solution, our goal is to provide design and engineering services each step of the way or at any specific stage depending on your needs.


At McClanahan Design we thrive on a challenge and work with major corporations, smaller businesses as well as individual entrepreneurs. Whether consumer product, medical device, or commercial item, the design process is the same:

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The beginning of any product design project 

The beginning of any product design project is to define what will make the product successful. This includes function, esthetics, ergonomics, and economic targets. You cannot get there if you do not know where you are going.

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Clients generally come with a basic product idea.

Clients generally come with a basic product idea. Some have nothing more than a "napkin sketch" or a rough prototype, but some already have patents. Regardless, there is always room for improvement. We help you consider options that can lead to a product with the best chance of meeting your objectives. There are always choices along the way and we encourage you, the client, to be an active part of the conceptual phase.

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In this phase the most promising concepts are detailed

In this phase the most promising concepts are detailed to a point that functional, structural, aesthetic and ergonomic problems can be solved, all while keeping the limitations of subsequent manufacturing in mind. While much of the work is done on the computer, this is also the time in which physical prototypes are needed.

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Ultimately the product needs to be manufactured

Ultimately the product needs to be manufactured using the appropriate material and processes to meet economic targets. Diligence and meticulous attention to details are needed to ensure that integrity of the design is maintained. Components need to be documented so that vendors can be found, costs determined, and production initiated.


We bring our diverse experience to every project, concurrently balancing engineering requirements, industrial design vision, ergonomics, safety, manufacturing, market placement, intellectual property rights...the list goes on. We feel that all these factors are important and should be considered throughout the process.

Please explore our evolving site further to understand how we approach the design process, working with you, not just for you, to arrive at a final product that we can both be proud of. See examples of past projects and, hopefully, we can begin to answer some of your questions.